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If you are interested in fodder yeast, you will find excellent quality products at optimum cost here. We only use the best raw materials of Russian manufacturers in our production. Yeast is produced using the state-of-the-art equipment with continuous strict quality control.

Fodder yeast is the most valuable protein supplement providing tremendous response in fattening cattle and growing poultry, fur animals and fish. It is included into feed, premixes and feed mixes, which significantly increases weight gain and saves up to 20% of feed. Fodder yeast can also be fed to farm and other animals as a separate food component.

Our fodder yeast provides such a striking effect due to its balanced chemical composition. The fact is that animals can not assimilate feed completely unless it has enough protein with essential amino acids (lysine, tryptophan, and methionine). Unfortunately, grain protein lacks these amino acids, and protein in the grain-based feed is also insufficient. Fodder yeast contains protein with the full range of essential amino acids providing great biological value. Therefore, using yeast allows for fill assimilation of corn and other feed, which results in intensive growth and saves cost of feed.